How to understand your Chinese Washing Machine

  • 5 April 2011 10:00 am

Are you an expat living in China? Are you tired of seeing your sweaters shrink from a large size to an extra small? Well, then you may have misunderstood the instructions on your Chinese washing machine (洗衣机, xǐyījī).

Take a look at the translations below and improve your laundry skills so your Ayi (Chinese house maid) can take a break from washing your clothes…

English Chinese Pinyin
Polyester 化纤洗 huà xiān xĭ
超柔洗 chaō róu xĭ
wool 羊毛洗 yáng maó xĭ
cotton 棉织物 mián zhi wù
quick wash 超快洗 chaō kuaì xĭ
wash 单洗涤 dān xĭ dí
rinse 单漂洗 dān piaò xĭ
spin 单脱水 dān tuō shuĭ
status 运行状态 yùn xíng zhuàng taì
strong wash 强力去污 qiáng lì qù wū
extra – rinse 额外漂洗 éwaì piaò xĭ
start / pause 开始暂停 kaī shĭ / zàn tíng

Happy washing and may the fabric be with you!

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on and was re-published here by kind permission.

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