How to use a Chinese toilet

  • 15 March 2011 10:00 am

As a foreigner in China you are most likely to face the problem of having to use a Chinese toilet once in a while (this is also called a squat toilet). Normal toilets can be found in most hotels, or the 5-star public toilets in places like Chongqing or other western focused places. You still might want to prepare yourself for the inevitable, so here are some tips.

Chinese toilet instructions

In most cases the right way to face is the way where the door is. Standing with your feet placed on the left and right side of the toilet.

First bend down as on the picture and pull down your pants and underwear until there under your knees, as it might be hard to get into the squat position if you do it otherwise.

Watch out for splashing water as it might hit your clothes. You can avoid this by bending more towards the toilet and decreasing the distance between you and the water.

If there is a garbage bin next to the toilet which is filled with some toilet paper in most cases, you might want to throw yours in there as well if you don’t have any intentions in clogging the toilet.

Be aware that in a lot of cases there is no toilet paper in the toilet. First check if there is, if not there should be some in the restroom. If this is not the case they might not have it as people tend to take it along with them, it is wise to bring your own along as well. In the worst cases you can ask someone else if he can spare some.

To see a more light-hearted version of the problem foreigners may face in China, check out this video made by Yocoy:

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