The smart

language guide app

for helping your understanding

in a foreign country

Yocoy can help you find the best wording. The app both translates and speaks

The Yocoy app helps you always find the right word and the right tone. It can be used in all important situations, for everyday needs or emergencies. With Yocoy, you can even deal with more difficult conversations, such as bargaining, flirting, and talking to doctors.

Understanding brings

you fun, success,

and security

Test this app
- free of charge
- on your next trip

Even with our free version, you get more functions and more words and phrases translated than with any other language guide on the market. Forget about language barriers: with Yocoy, you can travel with confidence.

Travel enriches you

when you can find friendship

far from your home.

Understanding takes at least two people

Locals will be happy to understand you and answer your requests. Their answers will be translated into your language. In this way, you can have conversations with locales and save and share them with your friends.

Use good language

instead of gesturing

with your hands and feet.

Our apps are affordable for everybody, but errors for misunderstanding are not

Communication errors can ruin your whole trip. With our new ACT (Always Correct Translation) technology, all of our translations are free from error. Who wants to rely on a translation system in an emergency situation in a foreign country or for on a first date? Or have to hope that their hands or feet get the point across?

Never speechless

(except for joy)

No roaming costs, dead zones, or Big Brother watching

Our apps don’t need an internet connection. They work everywhere. Roaming costs, dead zones, or situations because of special security reasons (such as in airplanes or hospitals) are no problem for us.

Technology Made in Berlin

International team of language technology experts

The software developers of our Berlin Software Studios are from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. Their innovative technologies have won several prizes and awards. Their passions are invention, programming, travel, and communication.